A Personal Archive

Photos and stories of my life and travels

The objective of setting up these pages is to arrange the information contained in the photographs and diaries of my life and travels. 

My standard approach is to create a chapter for each theme for which there will a brief description, perhaps some anecdotes and a link to a photo gallery. Where I have kept detailed diaries I will link to a separate page with the stories, maps and references.

Most of the photography from 1980 to 2000 was done using a variety of Olympus equipment - OM10, OM2 and OM4  bodies and a variety of Zuiko and Tamron lenses and accessories. I used an Olympus XA occasionally when I was caught without a flash unit for the SLRs.

In late 2007 I acquired an Epson V200 Photo scanner and began to scan all my negatives to create digital images.

Photos from 2005 onwards are digital - taken at first on an Olympus FE170 and thenceforward using a Lumix DMC FZ8.  

Early Years


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